Tesla- Mark Lingane

At the end of reading this book I did not feel accomplishment, a gain in knowledge, or even my eyes burning as they usually do after I read a book in two days. After reading “Tesla” I felt an extreme anger towards the author. I usually will take half a week to finish a good book that I’m committed to finishing, but this book is so good it was impossible to put it down. The book is about a young man whose village was raided by strange beings, and he has to try to figure out why they are chasing him. On the way to discovering this mystery he meets new friends and discovers a power in himself. Being that it is a free book on the amazon store and is the first book in a series the author drops you with unanswered questions and an image of the next book. Besides the fact that the ending is aggravating, the author writes the book with amazing description of character feeling and unbelievable physical details. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes science fiction novels and somewhat mystery novels. Though the author did try to sell his next book by using a marketing strategy, I always want to know what happens next so I bought it. I plan to give a review on the next book!


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