Ark Angel- Anthony Horowitz

If you like action-packed books that keep you on the edge of you seat I strongly recommend this book. The different situations in the book are written in extreme detail, so that you feel like you are fighting the henchman with the protagonist. The book is about a young teenager by the name of Alex Rider, who is a part of a government run military program in London, England. Alex finds himself on a dangerous mission, after posing as a different child to protect his life, to watch a criminal associated with the Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, and the Russian Mafia. Alex discovers that the criminal he is watching also has connections with the most dangerous terrorist group called “Force Three.” Suspension grows with every page in this novel, it causes the reader to continue to read until all of their questions are answered. This book shows the reader how hard it is to be fourteen years old and a trained military solider. Of course most of us would only know the struggles of being a fourteen year old boy, but with this book we get an inside look at what its like to get the best of both worlds.


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