Dear Mrs.Dillie,

I can’t believe this is my 13th year of being a student! In all my time of being a student I can say that I’ve seen many of bad school years and many good school years, this year seems to be one of those good years. Now about me, I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I was taken home from the hospital to a trailer on the other side of highway I-35. The years on that side of I-35 I call the bad years. Then I cleaned up when I came to live by Crockett.

I love to read and write, I feel like writing is a way to express emotion in an artistic way. I love to write poems, because its a great way to express any kind emotion on a page or less. Reading is a fun hobby of mine as well, because it creates a story that I can control and feel other than movies that show me what to feel. My favorite books are Tesla by Mark Lingane, and A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer.

Other than things that make a English teacher happy, I love to play basketball. I played basketball since I was born, my mom tells me I was born with a ball in my hand. When I graduate high school I want to go to college for 5 or 7 years, I haven’t decided yet. I don’t know where I want to go, but I’ll know when the time comes.


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