Physics Lab Report

In my group experiment we tested how many rubber bands it took to make a toy elephant almost touch the floor from a 16 feet and seven inch drop. We assume that this experiment is important in real life so that people wouldn’t hit the floor when going bungee jumping. We also figured that as you increase in number of rubber bands that the drop would be more that it would be, depending on the elasticity of the rubber. So in saying this we expected the drop to increase more than the last drop did.

We used a toy elephant, a measuring tape, and rubber bands. What we did is started from one rubber band and worked our way up until our toy elephant almost touched the floor. Then we multiplied the amount of rubber bands until we assumed it can drop 16 feet and six inches.

This is the data graph we came up with:graph

We went up to 55 rubber bands that went 16 feet and six inches.

What we assumed was correct, the elasticity of the rubber bands effects the overall drop. These results show that as you increase your number of rubber bands the drop increases at the end.


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