Pinhole Camera Lab Report

In my lab my group and I made a pinhole camera and tried to see whether or not we can get a picture. The whole purpose is to see if we can make our own pinhole camera and get an inverted picture, we made our camera out a shoe box, cardboard, aluminum from a soda can, some duct tape, and photographic paper. Our final product looked like this:FullSizeRenderThe middle part of the bottom of the box is a shutter with a hole behind it.FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)

The picture that we got wasn’t very clear, but we did get some kind of white blur in the top right cornerWP_20150910_001There was not a clear picture what we were originally trying to get, which was a white Ford truck. What we could have done to make the picture more clear is to maybe make the hole bigger, or we also could have made the object that the camera was pointing at brighter.

The reason the image in a pinhole camera is inverted is because light travels in straight lines so when light passes through the pinhole the image inverts. We found how a pinhole camera works at, and  We can see how it works in this diagram:IMG_1613The equation that we can use is (height of image)/(height of object)=(-distance of image)/(distance of object). We found this equation on This equation describes the measures of both triangles in our diagram. An example of the equation being used is: IMG_1619


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