Con IQ test summary

Castiglione, Virginia. “One Day, You’ll Realize You’re Not Smart Enough.”Thoughtcatalog. N.p., 14 Jan. 2014. Web. 17 Sept. 2015.

Virginia Castiglione wrote and article “One Day, You’ll Realize You’re Not Smart Enough,” on Thoughtcatalog to try to influence young teens to be involved in community projects and in turn to benefit their environment. While she was telling a story of what a young person would be like if they, “weren’t smart enough,” she transitions into examples of a brave citizen that helps people. After she tells something of a, ” what if” story, she mentions situations of how a young person can change the world, she uses several examples to further back up her argument. Than Castiglione reveals at the end that having heart is better than having brains.

In the first half of Virginia Castiglione’s article, she tells a story of what might happen if young people were to find out that they weren’t intelligent. She uses this fictional situation to establish that we would be lost without, “brains.” She goes on to say that it is acceptable to not be smart as long as you care for the world. Castiglione shows this to her audience to ease the harsh reality of the first half of the article, and to reveal that IQ’s are fine even if they are small.


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