Think Poem


Thoughts are what makes the fluorescent lights shine on the young minds of the world’s next revolution.

Thoughts, not t-h-o-t-s that satisfy your heart temporarily, but the thoughts that fill your mind and soul forever.

Thoughts make cars go, trains stop, handcuffs restrict, and triggers pull.

They can turn I love into I hate you, and back into I love you in a matter of seconds.

They can turn a helping hand into a fist that punches you back into the dark abyss of deep depression.

who knows, maybe the shine of your thoughts can brighten up the dark clouds of an unlucky individual.

So think, it’s not illegal… Yet.


4 thoughts on “Think Poem

  1. This is beautiful. I agree that thought can be helpful and hurtful, but i also a agree that your thoughts are yours and only yours. thought are one of those things that can haunt you forever or be your one and only salvation.


  2. This is one of my favorites! I agree with message that our thoughts rule the world. I loved the vivid images you described through this poem, they really made the poem come alive and made me think.


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