Op-Ed Reflective Essay

Last week in AP English 3, we did an opinion editorial (op-ed) essay. In this essay we were required to pick a topic of our chose and make an argument for or against this topic. We were also required to use another author’s article over the same topic to back up our argument.

In my op-ed I chose the topic, “IQ points don’t measure intelligence.” I chose the topic when one of my classmates was reading random topics off of a website. When I heard this topic my eyes lit up and I automatically called “dibs,” so that he wouldn’t take it. I chose this topic because it is interesting, I knew that there can be many sides and many different people can have their own take on each opinion. Then I felt that though there can be many takes on the topic, most people think about it almost the same way.

After I wrote and was graded on the op-ed, many people commented and showed what they thought about what I shared. Most people’s comments said that they agreed with what I wrote. psychojojo said, “… this story freaking spoke to me man!” That’s one example of six that said the same thing.

What I would do differently next time is use an anecdote that I put towards the end and put that in the beginning. That way I can cycle back to the story in the conclusion, this would create a stronger ending effect.

I learned that there is a lot of people that feel the same way as I feel about this topic. I really liked the way I ended the essay with the last paragraph, though I could have made it stronger. I also can motivate myself to write a 600 word essay in a relatively short amount of time.


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