About my Book: Street Pharm #2

In the book there is a scene/chapter where the main character is invited to join a well known rapper, since they have known each other for a long time, at a nightclub. Before the character enters the club, the author talks about a principle in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” The author tells us the thoughts of the main character and the principle to, “know your enemy,” which is the thought of knowing your opposites move or path and attacking based on this knowledge. Then after introducing this principle to us, the author tells us of the different scenery that is in the nightclub as the main character enters. Then the author describes, in great detail, the V.I.P. section where his rapper friend is sitting. Next after they said their hellos the rapper invites the main character to come on a tour with him. Shortly after, a woman sits next to the main character where she attempts to engage in some physical interactions. After flirting and playing around with the woman the main character turns down the rapper’s offer of the road trip and makes his exit. I think this scene is really interesting because not only does it tell you one of the principles that the main character uses, it also shows an example of how he uses this guideline.


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