About my Book: Street Pharm

“What did you think of the book?” Well to start off this book is automatically entertaining, being that the whole plot of the book is about the life of a teenage drug supplier. The book goes into the deep strategic thoughts that it takes to being a successful “business” man. It talks about the different situations that can potentially be a trap, how to avoid these problems, and the different mindsets that you must maintain. I’m not even close to being done with the book, but in the first 70 or so pages of the book shows you the perspective and mindset of the main character. It also places the main character in different scenarios that lets the reader know how the main character thinks and feels. I also really like how the author uses dialog; you can really tell the setting from the dialog and slang between characters. The imagery and descriptive words that author uses really allows the reader to see the setting of the situation in the book and understand, in detail, the feelings of the characters. So, to answer the question, I think the book “Street Pharm” is absolutely genius in the way that the author captures the struggles and successes of being involved highly illegal activities.


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