Ben Carson Website Analysis

Ben Carson, a 2016 presidential republican candidate from Detroit, Michigan, uses his website as a tool to obtain more voters. On Ben Carson mostly uses ethos more than pathos and logos because he wants voters to trust him, that way he can gain more voters.

Ben Carson’s intended audience is the voters in America that are living in middle class or worse conditions. Carson is also trying to influence young people who are also thinking of starting families. We see that  Carson is trying to reach middle class or lower class people because on the “Ben’s Story” tab on his website, we see a video about the bad neighborhood that he grew up in and multiple pictures that show that he became successful. Carson is hoping that these pictures and a video will convey a message that says, “I made it past barriers, I can help you do it too.” He also has a big blue button in the center of the homepage that says, “Endorse Ben,” which means that he understands times are tough and that there are other ways to help him. Carson attempts to appeal to the young family starters by having a picture on the homepage that communicates the idea that he is a “grandfather” like figure and you can tell him everything. He also has different pictures on the different topics that he feels that he can change that would attract a young family.

There are many ways that Ben Carson uses ethos; he uses these appeals to try to seem like he has been through many barriers and can help with any problem the country needs. One of the tools he uses is the picture on the homepage of the website. The picture is taken of Ben Carson in a suit on what it seems to be a older looking chair and he is holding a relaxed type of pose with his hands clinched and under his chin in a “let me hear about your day” look.

This establishes his point that he will listen to the American people. On the homepage he also has a button that says, “ Endorse Ben,” and under this button in white words and a black background is says, “Endorse Ben for president and get a bumper sticker,” which shows that he cares about the people so much that he will also deliver a sticker if you support him.

Ben Carson uses the logos appeal as well in his website, he uses facts on almost every one of the topics that he wants to change in America. On the tab “Ben on the issues” there are different problems that he addresses and on almost all of the problems he has different statistics. He uses these statistics to emphasize the big problems of these certain topics, he uses these numbers to help the people identify the errors of the government without him running it.

To persuade the audience to vote for him Ben Carson uses pathos, but he doesn’t use a lot of pathos or it would be very uneasy for the audience. Carson uses an amount of the pathos appeal that wouldn’t make the audience think that he would be an emotional president, but also enough to show that he is considerate. On Carson’s homepage there is a quote from himself that says, “Through hard work, perseverance, and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.” This quote communicates the idea that he is a hard worker and a believer, his dreams came true and so can yours. This is an inspiring quote that makes the audience think that he is wise and worth their vote because he can make your dreams come true. Carson also uses a “heart warming” photo of a baby’s foot in what we can assume be the mother’s hand. This shows that he cares about all of the families.

I think that Ben Carson’s website makes a really good argument and can very effectively attract his intended audience. I believe what makes his website so effective is his ability to show that he has overcome some of the hardest trials in America and he is still successful and can help anybody that needs it.


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