Genre Study

Our genre is a video of our poetry, in the videos that we watched we noticed that most videos have slight music in the background. We also noticed that important words that are said in the poems also are flashed on the screen.

When making the video, we need to have video clips of other people than ourselves. We saw this in Gary Turk’s video, “Look Up”. We also should include words on the screen, if important to the message, so that the message can be reiterated. We seen this in “Help Wanted” by Shane Koyczan.

Not only did we look at “traditional” poetry, but we also looked at music, (which, warning, is pretty explicit, but has a good message)  we looked at “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne featuring Eminem. This video showed us that the casual switch between environment, performers, and peoples actions can be very powerful.

In our video, from the strategies we gathered, the most effective way to get our message across to our intended audience is to make creative looking words pop up on the screen when we are coming across words that emphasize our point. We can also use clips of other people and places rather than just us on the screen, as well as soft music playing in the background. Finally we can flip through different clips that goes with the flow of the poem, and not bombard the audience with scene switches.


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