The Shorted Sighted Path

My friends and I made a video on making college tuition free. I hope that this video can inspire and motivate you to help the fight against corruption.


8 thoughts on “The Shorted Sighted Path

  1. I love the integration of quotes into the medium of slam poetry. That along with the strong tone and style of the video really get your message across. I like the transitions too! Great job guys!


  2. My favorite line: “Imagine world where the success in money didn’t determine the gaining of knowledge.” I agree with you – college costs are only adding to the income and knowledge gaps in our country. Definitely need to reconsider the title of “public university” when its price tag (almost $25,000 a year) prohibits it from actually being open to the public.


  3. I like all of the sources you use to back up your argument, it helps you build your ethos while still getting your point across. The dramatic affects that you had make a bigger impact on the viewers, so that’s good. overall it was a really good video!


  4. I agree with your argument and like how you used slam to make a statement. College tuition should be more affordable. I like the point you made that they want us to go to college to get a career and make money but you need money to get into college lol. I wish I could’ve heard the dialogue better though.


  5. You want college to be free. Lets say you get what you want and college is free. then what happens next is a massive amount of people will go to college. This means society will be more educated as a whole, but will be more detrimental to it in the long run. If more people have a college degree, and you apply for a job and you put that you have a college degree on your resume you know what they are going to tell you? Great, so does every other of the fifty applicants who want this job. What do you have that they don’t? then you will need even higher education to gain an advantage, which will cost you more of your precious time and money, sucking up more of your life and still you end up in crippling debt. In the end, a college degree will become as standard as a high school diploma, and then college will be mandatory (and why not, since its free) and then you have even less time to acquire real world experience, which really gives you the edge in the job market. Also where is all f the money come from in order to make college free? You cant just force someone to give education away for free just like you cant force a car salesman to give away cars for free. Lets hypothetically tax the rich the majority of their income(since they’re greedy right) to make college free. That’l work right? wrong. do you want to pay the majority of your income in taxes? of course not, and neither do they. They will move to some other country without an excessive tax on the rich and take their “greedy” amounts of money. Then you have no funding for your free education and the us government would go into even more crippling debt and could potentially collapse. The definition of greed is an intense selfish desire for something. You are proposing a solution to your problem, which could potentially collapse our society. Now who is really being greedy? btw you’re kool kids


  6. This video was *fire emoji*. I really liked how you used like, spoken word poetry, to get your point across. It gave me chills because it was intense as heck. I agree with all the points you made in this video too. Good job 🙂


  7. i really like the video, i agree with you guys on fighting to reduce college tuition. The points y’all made are good, someone shouldn’t be restricted from wanting to get a good education.

    -P.S. Jordan killed the slam poetry


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