Reflective Essay

My partners and myself made a video which argued that college should be free, rather than money draining. Our audience is the up and coming generations and college administrators. We chose the genre that we did because we felt like it could get the point across the best, and we thought it would be the most fun.

We used the persuasive appeal ethos by filming in front of areas that we grow up in or are around all the time. We hoped that where we film tells the audience that we know the struggle to get to college. We also used the logos appeal by stating facts like, “The cost of college has gone up 1,120% in the last 30 years.” We also used statements from Bernie Sanders. We used pathos by using words that have big emotional connotations like, “hostage” and “corruption.”

We attempted to get our intended audience to watch our video by posting on YouTube. Most young people nowadays are constantly searching random things on YouTube. Our audience reacted very positively, with few counter arguments.

What I learned about this type of writing is that it is very hard to memorize and say on camera. I might take my poem in chunks rather than going all in one clip.

In conclusion I am very proud of the set up of the video. I like the blue hue that we added to gain emotion. I am also proud of the music that we used in the background, it really sets the mood.


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