Projectile Lab Report- Jordan J., Breanna G.

The purpose of this project is to be able to see and calculate how an object is sent from a stand still into a projectile motion. The information that we had when going into the project was that velocity in the horizontal direction (Vx) is a constant motion, gravity (g) is acting upon the velocity in the vertical direction (Vy), when calculating the variables you must split it into different vectors, when the object is launched it travels in the parabola shape, and when we launched the object it was required to travel a range between 0-3 meters. We hypothesized that when we place Popsicle sticks under the front of the catapult that the trajectory of the object would be higher and the range would be shorter.

All of the materials that we were given to make the catapult was 1 plastic spoon, 1 wooden skewer, 3 rubber bands, 15 Popsicle sticks, and 50 centimeters of tape. We measured the distance traveled by the object (dependent) by a tape measure, and we measured the independent by Popsicle sticks (.2cm). The catapult looked like this:WP_20160120_001

Our results are the following:WP_20160120_002

We were not able to hit the target. We made changes that were unnecessary in the actual test.

Our hypothesis was wrong. Though the object did go a shorter distance, it didn’t travel as much as we thought it should. If we had another chance to modify the catapult we would add more sticks to the front of the catapult. I learned how to accurately extrapolate data points on a graph.

Our calculations include our assumed variables (t, max height), and the angle it was launched (bottom left).WP_20160125_001


One thought on “Projectile Lab Report- Jordan J., Breanna G.

  1. This is a strong report. Your calculation is correct and easy to read. The science behind the experiment is accurately explained, and you showed how your independent variable affected your dependent variable.


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