Junior Year Flashback

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Through out my entire junior year, I have learned the most valuable lesson, in my opinion. I have learned to turn in my work when it is due. Life is so much easier when you just do what you have to do, and turn it in at the right time. It doesn’t matter whether you finished it the night before or three weeks prior, as long as you turn it in on time.

This year I have made a video. Though the intense editing of the video made me not want to make a video every again, I did make the video.

I piece that I am most proud is the nine page novel that I started in Ms. Lewicki’s creative writing class. I am also proud of the Op-Ed that I wrote in the beginning of the year.

The most challenging objective was at the year in AP Biology. I had to read an entire book and write a summery for each chapter, in two weeks. That was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. But I overcame. I did it, and passed.

I would tell myself to not procrastinate. I would inform me of the extreme amounts of stress that comes with waiting until the last second to do a project, or with not studying.

My goals for next year is to graduate in the top ten in the class. Not top ten percent, but top ten ranks.


One thought on “Junior Year Flashback

  1. Love your memes. I have no doubt you can be top 10. It was a pleasure to be your teacher this year and to watch you create and write. Thanks for always being positive and always trying your best.


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