Through the Stars

A cool breeze dances around the hot concrete, blowing up into the cool grass. While starring into the night sky, my mind drifts in and out of deep thoughts. It was then when I realized that I love space. It was then when I started to theorize about what is beyond the known universe, and what different dimensions hold.

If I had a ticket, I would go beyond the known universe. I would travel further than space reaches, or to where the next dimension begins. I want to enter a new plane where every equation that humans have made doesn’t apply. I want to go into a dimension where scientific laws are yet to be made. Where the entire world is ready for fresh discoveries and yearning for magnificent learners.

I have always been quietly curious. I’ve never asked people a lot of questions, I just watched and learned. But the question that I constantly ask myself seems to be, “What if.” If I were to travel passed the universe I would answer about 95 percent of those questions. I would know if there is an end to the universe, and if there is an end to the universe I would know what is passed it. On the way to the edge of the universe, I would travel to different planets for exploration. I would be on the ultimate search for new life. The vastness of space is too open. There has to be another planet where there is some kind of organism.

The only negatives to traveling that far is that I could find something that the human race is not ready for yet. I may happen to see something that we have no equations or even words to grasp the idea. Also the fact that traveling through space requires an unlimited amount of oxygen. I would have to be able to easily produce breathable air.

Besides finding new scientific evidence to further human’s knowledge of the cosmos, I want to see the sites. I can feel the experience of my eyes opening at the site of the wide colorful clouds of  stardust and other space particles. Of the glorious white stars that seem like they aren’t beyond my reach. Of the mesmerizing systems that have every color of the spectrum.

If was able to go anywhere in all of space and time, I would follow my childhood dreams. I would explore the unknown universe, and if the universe has an end, explore the next dimension. I would be back 11 years ago, wondering about space. But this time I’m not just going to look at the stars, this time I would be dancing with them.


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