Phones are Killing Families

Is our modern technology creating zombies so unaware that not even their own mothers and fathers can save them? Can families save their own children from their malicious entertainment? Or are family bonds too strong for modern conveniences?  How can you say hello to your mother if your face is glued to your phone?  One study found that when the working parent arrived home after work, his or her children were so immersed in technology that the parent was greeted only 30 percent of the time and was totally ignored 50 percent of the time. Parents aren’t asking to be greeted all of the time, just some sort of acknowledge in return for being a 24/7 daycare.


Most families have the blessing to be able to be together, technology can strip them of this privilege.


Technology can act as a cell where young people are confined, away from their loved ones.


Collaboration between families are limited because of technology. Studies show that the amount of parents logging into Facebook has increased since the technology boom. They want to be able to converse with their children where they are all of the time.


Conversation is a rarity in places that usually should be a holding place for expressed thoughts.


Even during times that are the most sacred to family connection can be infiltrated by the unwanted technology.


Maybe if we look up we can see the opportunity that lay ahead of us.

In conclusion, technology is the enemy that wraps up families into unnecessary binds of entertainment. It is to the point nowadays that it is socially acceptable to withdraw from having any kinds of conversations with the people closest to you. Doesn’t this:WP_20160127_011

Look much better than this:



Projectile Lab Report- Jordan J., Breanna G.

The purpose of this project is to be able to see and calculate how an object is sent from a stand still into a projectile motion. The information that we had when going into the project was that velocity in the horizontal direction (Vx) is a constant motion, gravity (g) is acting upon the velocity in the vertical direction (Vy), when calculating the variables you must split it into different vectors, when the object is launched it travels in the parabola shape, and when we launched the object it was required to travel a range between 0-3 meters. We hypothesized that when we place Popsicle sticks under the front of the catapult that the trajectory of the object would be higher and the range would be shorter.

All of the materials that we were given to make the catapult was 1 plastic spoon, 1 wooden skewer, 3 rubber bands, 15 Popsicle sticks, and 50 centimeters of tape. We measured the distance traveled by the object (dependent) by a tape measure, and we measured the independent by Popsicle sticks (.2cm). The catapult looked like this:WP_20160120_001

Our results are the following:WP_20160120_002

We were not able to hit the target. We made changes that were unnecessary in the actual test.

Our hypothesis was wrong. Though the object did go a shorter distance, it didn’t travel as much as we thought it should. If we had another chance to modify the catapult we would add more sticks to the front of the catapult. I learned how to accurately extrapolate data points on a graph.

Our calculations include our assumed variables (t, max height), and the angle it was launched (bottom left).WP_20160125_001

Project Proposal

You are never too old to be a child. I chose this because I think that childhood is the best part of a person’s life, so why can’t they keep that moment forever. I will capture these pictures in my own house and in other places where I find adults that are enjoying life.

All photo essays have…

  • Photos
  • Captions
  • Paragraphs
  • Titles
  • Different settings
  • Pictures in chronological order
  • Facts/logic

Unique and appealing photo essays also have…

  • Filters
  • Interactive diagram
  • Links on the pictures
  • Fading caption pictures
  • Moving pictures
  • Clips
  • Font style

2015 In Pictures, Truth or Not

Queen Elizibeth

This picture claims that it shows Queen Elizabeth thanking her people form a plane. This could be a photo of a time when she was just looking outside the plane window. I think is untruthful.


This is a picture of supporters of the new Nigerian president getting into an accident during a parade. I think this is truthful.

Semester Reflective Essay

AviBefore coming into AP English 3, I knew a respectable amount about effective writing. I could write a persuasive essay, and an informative essay pretty well. Though I found, through our class time, that I had a lot to work on. I also learned of a new form of writing which is an Op-Ed, or opinionated editorials, and I perfected my reflective essay writing. I feel that I am a better writer than I am a reader now, though I enjoy reading over writing.

My approach to writing after the first semester is more open. I do not dread writing as much as I did sophomore year. When I am assigned with a writing project, I greet it with open arms rather than a closed mind. The piece that I am most proud of is my Op-Ed at the beginning of the year. I am proud of my article because I was able to take problems that I look at as having to be fixed. Than after finding a topic that we are most passionate about were able to research and write our facts and opinions. I liked how we were able to write not about what the teachers give us, but our own opinions instead.

I have always enjoyed reading. Reading has always been one of my favorite pass times, ever since my freshman year. My attitude has stayed the same towards reading. My favorite book that I have read, I chose in class. My favorite piece I read this year, is Street Pharm. I liked the book because it showed the readers the mind of a young man who is trying to do the best for himself in the ghetto.

I feel like I did well in this class this semester. For the first six-weeks I got a 100 for the class grade. When I first saw this it filled me with excitement being that this is a college level difficulty class. I think what I would do to do better the  next semester is to get my work done faster. I struggled with getting things done in class semester, and I think that it would help me if I could finish projects/essays while I have a teacher to help me. I have little suggestions for this class. I would prefer to read more books in class. That would be the only suggestion that I think I would enjoy.