Phones are Killing Families

Is our modern technology creating zombies so unaware that not even their own mothers and fathers can save them? Can families save their own children from their malicious entertainment? Or are family bonds too strong for modern conveniences?  How can you say hello to your mother if your face is glued to your phone?  One study found that when the working parent arrived home after work, his or her children were so immersed in technology that the parent was greeted only 30 percent of the time and was totally ignored 50 percent of the time. Parents aren’t asking to be greeted all of the time, just some sort of acknowledge in return for being a 24/7 daycare.


Most families have the blessing to be able to be together, technology can strip them of this privilege.


Technology can act as a cell where young people are confined, away from their loved ones.


Collaboration between families are limited because of technology. Studies show that the amount of parents logging into Facebook has increased since the technology boom. They want to be able to converse with their children where they are all of the time.


Conversation is a rarity in places that usually should be a holding place for expressed thoughts.


Even during times that are the most sacred to family connection can be infiltrated by the unwanted technology.


Maybe if we look up we can see the opportunity that lay ahead of us.

In conclusion, technology is the enemy that wraps up families into unnecessary binds of entertainment. It is to the point nowadays that it is socially acceptable to withdraw from having any kinds of conversations with the people closest to you. Doesn’t this:WP_20160127_011

Look much better than this:



9 thoughts on “Phones are Killing Families

  1. I agree and i see where your coming from ,but at the same time some people need time alone from human contact to recharge and as an alternative to not be bored they go on social media.its not i’m secluded to be away from you just let me recharge and have time to myself.myself. That,s how i see it but overall I really like your topic your pictures and the way you wrote it out.


  2. I totally agree because this generation today is all about technology and social media. We get caught up in whats on our phone when right in front of us are the people we love and should be communicating with.


  3. I agree to disagree, but technology can be non distracting and can bring family together if used correctly. In my life, my family uses a Wii U to play Mario party 10 and Mario Kart to connect on family game nights.


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